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              Unified Collaboration Solutions

              Collaboration and productivity are the sexiest terms in the corporate environment recently. To have “real” and “timely” collaboration and high productivity, corporates need to level up their meeting rooms and offices with interactive, collaborative devices. In modern working environment, it’s very common to have meetings, discussions, idea sharing with team members not in the same meeting room. With good unified…

              Interactive Education Solutions

              Nowadays classrooms are not only where for “teaching and learning”, but also a place for “interaction”. To have the best interactive experience in school, teachers and students need good interactive devices to have smooth and seamless interaction during the classes.   Achieve the truly intelligent classroom you expected!   Our solution provides various types of touch technology, major display formats,…

              OC Module and Optical Bonding

              Hitevision provides LCM module having the customized structure design for interactive flat panel display. With our own designed LCM module, customers can enjoy the benefits of cost effective, slim structure which supports various touch technology. Hitevision also dedicates on integrating the most advanced display technology, including optical bonded and wide color gamut solution. For optical bonding service, Hitevision provides both…