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              Technology Advance

              At present, Hitevision has established hardware and software R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Baoding. Its hardware and software R&D team consist of more than 400 members. Among them, the Shenzhen R&D center in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park opened in 2014. This marks another major enhancement in Hitevision's independent research and development capabilities. As a brand-new interactive product and video product research and development center. In recent years, Hitevision has accumulated more than 100 patents from its scientific research.


              Hitevision has made significant technical achievements in interactive technologies, machine vision, and artificial intelligence through various forms of cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University, and other domestic research institutes.


              • In addition to our R&D team, Hitevision leverages unique mainboard technology when cooperating with other multi-touch manufacturers in the industry to develop and fulfill customer's customized requirements as much as possible.


              • All products are assembled and manufactured by Hitevision. They are inspected at multiple manufacturing phrases and strictly adhere to the quality control system.


              • Introduced high-end touch panel bonding (Optical Bonding) technology. This sophisticated technology enables touch technology to be applied to large-sized touch panels. The air layer generated during the manufacturing process of large screens is tightly bonded with optical glue. This insulates it from dust and air pollution, reduces light refraction loss, and presents a clear visual effect and a touch experience without parallax.
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              04 WCG
              • Advanced color reproduction technology, wide color gamut to improve color purity, the color is more flexible and bright, demonstrating a stunning visual experience.
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